Hello friends!

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin have found a reprise in their acting careers. They have wowed new audiences with their Netflix hit “Grace & Frankie.” The two starlets play wives to their husbands who are partners in a law firm. Their worlds are disrupted when their husbands reveal that they are in love with each other and want a divorce. The hilarious show covers the fallout of a divorce in your 70s and their attempt to reclaim and rebuild their lives…with what time they have left.


In the most recent season 4, the tenacious Grace makes a big mistake by hiring a contractor without doing due diligence. This contractor took off with a big check and all of her copper pipes. The effervescent Frankie gets lost while driving her new granddaughter around. Their adult children were alarmed to see their parents take such a turn. Before they knew it, both Frankie and Grace were put in assisted living at the strong request of their children.

Too close to home?

While this may be a work fiction, this season of Grace and Frankie has a lot of families talking about when it is a good time to move their parents into a home or assisted living center.

Keep the conversation going

This may be a tough conversation to have with your parents, but it is best to start the conversation before it’s too late.

  • Talk to your parents about their thoughts on living in a home, if and when that time comes.
  • Ask them what the best scenario would be for them – assisted, retirement or at home.
  • Be sure to include siblings in the conversation.
  • Be open to your parent’s wishes and prepare yourself for the fact that they may be contradictory to yours.
  • These are tough conversations to have, but they are necessary. An aging parent’s condition could change at any point, but knowing that you’ve made them part of the conversation is best method.

    From our heart to your home,
    Laura and Courtny