The skilled team at Laura Lynn’s Home Care strives to help our clients maintain as much independence as possible through their senior years. Here are four ways we provide personal care support.

Create a comfortable environment. The task of being helped with dressing and grooming can be stressful on those receiving the care. Our goal is to create a peaceful environment to help alleviate embarrassment and promote feelings of calm and well-being.
Follow their lead and needs. Many older adults become set in their ways. They may have particular bathing habits and/or a preferred schedule. We acknowledge the needs and preferences of your aging loved one to help make the task more agreeable. When both parties agree on a schedule in advance, we are able to fulfill your loved one’s individual needs while they still feel in control.
Support their independence. Helping older adults remain involved in self-care for as long as they are able is vital to facilitating ongoing independence. We use various types of equipment that make day-to-day tasks easier, such as non-slip adhesives on the floor and grab bars in the tub and by the toilet.

While some degree of anxiety is natural when helping others with personal care and hygiene tasks, it is possible to reduce awkwardness by planning ahead. Something as simple as ensuring that the room and water are at the proper temperatures can reduce apprehension, while having a warm towel at the ready following a shower or bath goes a long way toward honoring modesty. Casual conversation about unrelated topics, meanwhile, is another way to diffuse tension.
If you have a loved one or know someone who may need our services, please schedule a consultation today by calling 405-418-2961. Our qualified team is standing by ready to help.

From our heart to your home,
Laura and Courtny